January 2, 2024

Final Curtain Call: PlayCV Productions Presents 'Finding Nemo KIDS' and 'Shrek The Musical JR

As the curtains prepare to rise for the final performances of PlayCV Productions, excitement is in the air. Our talented young cast members are set to bring two spectacular musicals, 'Finding Nemo KIDS' and 'Shrek The Musical JR.', to the BIG STAGE at the Castro Valley Center for Performing Arts.

Dive into the Ocean with 'Finding Nemo KIDS'

Disney's 'Finding Nemo KIDS', a 30-minute musical adaptation of the beloved Pixar movie, is all set to enchant our audience. Performed for you by our Elementary School students, this underwater adventure features the journey of Marlin and his son Nemo, capturing hearts with songs like “Just Keep Swimming” and “Go With the Flow”. It's a tale of family, friendship, and adventure, brought to life by our young stars. Our Production with be the West Coast Premier of this particular show!

A Fairytale Twist with 'Shrek The Musical JR.'

In 'Shrek The Musical JR.', based on the DreamWorks Animation film and Broadway musical, our cast will transport you to a "big bright beautiful world". Performed for you by our Middle School students, this story of an ogre named Shrek, a wisecracking donkey, and a quest to rescue Princess Fiona is packed with humor, heart, and a powerful message of acceptance and true love.

Behind the Scenes: Auditions and Rehearsals

Our audition process this year was designed to be inclusive and stress-free, ensuring every enrolled student could shine on stage. We focused on fun and expression, allowing each child to showcase their unique talents. The final cast, a mix of leading and supporting roles, reflects our commitment to team spirit and collaboration.

Rehearsals have been underway since October, with students dedicating their afternoons to perfecting their performances. It's been a journey of growth, teamwork, and immense fun.

The Big Stage Awaits

Our final performances are scheduled for the weekends of January 27-28 & February 2-3. Each cast will light up the big stage twice, showcasing their hard work and passion. Tickets are priced at a modest $10 each and are selling fast – be sure to secure your seats for this theatrical extravaganza!

Support Our Future Stars: A Call for Donations

At PlayCV, we believe in nurturing the dreams of our aspiring actors. To bring this enriching opportunity to as many students as possible, we have chosen to operate this program at a loss, prioritizing accessibility and inclusivity first. This commitment, however, means we rely on the generous support of our community to keep this program thriving for years to come.

Your donations will play a crucial role in sustaining and expanding our theater program, allowing us to continue offering these invaluable experiences to our young talent. Every contribution, no matter the size, makes a difference and ensures that the stage remains a place of discovery, joy, and growth for our children.

Looking Forward

As we approach these final performances, we reflect on the journey – the rehearsals, the laughter, the challenges overcome. These productions are not just about the applause at the end; they're about the memories made, the skills learned, and the friendships forged.

Join us at the Castro Valley Center for Performing Arts for a celebration of our young performers’ talents. 'Finding Nemo KIDS' and 'Shrek The Musical JR.' are more than just shows; they're the embodiment of PlayCV's spirit – where every child gets a chance to be a star.

Get Your Tickets Now: Don't miss out on the opportunity to support our young stars. Visit our website to purchase your tickets and be part of this unforgettable experience!