The Full PLAY

Take advantage of all that PlayCV has to offer with The Full P.L.A.Y., a program that runs every day after school. Currently being offered during the 2022/23 School Year at all nine Elementary Schools and both Middle Schools. The Full P.L.A.Y. is available to all students from Transitional Kindergarten (TK) through 8th grade.

The Full PLAY is an afterschool program that is designed to provide enrichment classes and activities. Each day starts with students meeting at a central location, usually the Multi-Purpose Room, for a nutritious snack and to check in. That’s followed by a variety of activities which may include attending one of PlayCV’s classes, receiving school work support in Homework Club, participating in fun playground games and outdoor activities, or enjoying social engagement opportunities.

PlayCV offers two main types of programs. The first is The Full Play, which is essentially a school-year long program that runs every day that school is open. The second type of program is our Enrichment Classes, an a-la-carte offering of classes that typically lasts one hour per day, one or two days per week, in 8-week to 10-week long sessions.

Students enrolled in The Full PLAY will get an opportunity to join two PlayCV Enrichment Classes during each 8-week to 10-week session. For a list of the various Enrichment Classes that are available each session, please see our course catalog. Families of students enrolled in The Full PLAY will be provided a code they can use to enroll in the two Enrichment Classes of their choice. We ask that you browse the catalog with your student and choose classes you both have an interest in. On days where your student is not enrolled in one of these Enrichment Classes, 1st-8th grade students will be receiving homework support and participating in other Enrichment Activities that are exclusive to The Full PLAY program.

TK and K students delight in play-based learning, which not only fuels their imagination and critical thinking, but also promotes their personal and physical development. This ensures a safe environment filled with fun and growth.

PlayCV ensures a ratio of one (1) instructor for every twenty (20) students. For TK and Kindergarten, the ratio is one (1) instructor for every ten (10) students.

The Full PLAY program is available at all Castro Valley elementary and middle school sites, running five days a week throughout the school year. The program begins at the last bell and offers a late pick-up time of 6:00 PM. It is also offered with a latest pick-up time of 4:30 PM. An alternative schedule is followed on minimum days, with an earlier start time but the same pick-up times. The program does not operate on holidays or staff development days unless specified otherwise.

Students who are enrolled in The Full PLAY are not required to attend every day. However, due to scheduling and staffing logistics, PlayCV is not able to offer a discount for a student who chooses to attend less than 5 days a week. We do, however, offer a sibling discount in the amount of 10% off the tuition or class fees of all the students residing in the same household. Follow the directions during enrollment to apply this discount.

TK and Kindergarten students are met at their classroom at the last bell, and escorted over to the PlayCV program, whether it’s The Full PLAY or one of our Enrichment Classes. All other students will meet after the last bell at a central location, typically the Multi-Purpose Room or Cafeteria.

For TK students who are enrolled in a PM TK Class, PlayCV offers an option where the students can be checked in as early as 8:20 AM. A PlayCV Instructor will escort the student to their classroom at the start time. Then, at last bell, a PlayCV Instructor will meet the student at their classroom and escort them back to The Full P.L.A.Y. program until checked out.

Once a student is enrolled in The Full PLAY, they will remain enrolled for the entirety of the school year or until withdrawn. The cost for the program is billed monthly, and is due at the beginning of each month or, in the case of the program being already in progress, at the time of enrollment. PlayCV offers payment plan options to best fit each account holder’s needs.

PlayCV offers a sibling discount in the amount of 10% off the tuition or class fees of all the students residing in the same household. To apply this discount, follow the directions during enrollment.

​The cost of the program varies by grade level, and by which pick-up time is chosen. For simplicity, the average cost per month is shown below. The actual payment due, however, is determined by which payment plan option is chosen at enrollment.


For 6th grade, 7th grade, and 8th grade students;
  • With a pick-up time of 6:00pm, the monthly cost would be $456.00
  • With a pick-up time of 4:30pm, the monthly cost would be $305.00
For 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade and 5th grade students;
  • With a pick-up time of 6:00pm, the monthly cost would be $575.00
  • With a pick-up time of 4:30pm, the monthly cost would be $410.00
For Kindergarten students;
  • With a pick-up time of 6:00pm, the monthly cost would be $815.00
  • With a pick-up time of 4:30pm, the monthly cost would be $635.00
For Transitional Kindergarten Students*
  • With a pick-up time of 5:30pm, the monthly cost would be $1010.00
  • With a pick-up time of 3:00pm, the monthly cost would be $660.00

*Students enrolled in a PM TK Class at their school can be checked in at PlayCV as early as 8:20am.

Enrichment Classes

The Full PLAY program provides students with the opportunity to participate in two PlayCV Enrichment Classes during each 9-week session. Our course catalog offers a wide range of classes to choose from, allowing students to explore their interests and develop new skills. Families will receive a code to enroll in the classes of their choice.

Activities & Homework Help

When students are not attending an Enrichment Class, they will participate in exclusive PlayCV activities and curriculum. All students will participate in Math Moment, and will receive dedicated homework support from our instructors. We aim to create a conducive environment for academic success and provide assistance to students as they work on their assignments.

For TK & Kindergarten Students

TK and Kindergarten students participate in a tailored curriculum that focuses on skill development through activities such as singing, dancing, art projects, building, and games alongside homework time for any assignments they may have.

For First Grade through Fifth Grade Students

PlayCV Towns:

As part of The Full PLAY program, 1st through 5th grade students will have the chance to establish their own PlayCV Town within their school site. They will suggest and vote on a town name, motto, and seal, fostering a sense of ownership and pride. Students will also collaborate on creating a town mural and contribute to the establishment of core rules, jobs, and a money system.

Real-Life Jobs and PlayCV Money:

PlayCV Towns will introduce students to real-life responsibilities by assigning them various jobs within the program. These jobs will provide valuable experience, a sense of accomplishment, and PlayCV Money, which students can earn through completing tasks, attending classes, completing projects, or selling items at the town store. Fines may also be assessed for rule violations.