PlayCV Productions

PlayCV is proud to offer our students the opportunity to SHINE on stage! One cast from each school performs a musical on the big stage at the Castro Valley Center for the Arts. Under the guidance of our passionate and experienced directors, students will not only build confidence and self-expression but also foster a strong sense of teamwork and collaboration. Whether you're a seasoned performer or a newcomer to the spotlight, PlayCV Productions is the perfect platform to unleash their talent and discover the magic of theater.


For Elementary Schools

Show Synopsis

Based on the classic animated film, Disney's 101 Dalmatians KIDS is a fur-raising adventure featuring Cruella De Vil, Disney's most outrageous villain, and 101 of the most adorable heroes to set their paws onstage. With a high-spirited score and lovable characters, this stage adaptation is certain to charm and delight all audiences.

Pet owners, Roger and Anita, live happily in London with their Dalmatians, Pongo and Perdita, stalwart dogs devoted to raising their puppies. Everything is quiet until Anita's former classmate, the monstrous Cruella De Vil, plots to steal the puppies for her new fur coat. The Dalmatians rally all the dogs of London for a daring rescue of the puppies from Cruella and her bumbling henchmen.

The show's adorable spotted dogs and larger-than-life villainess provide ample opportunities for creative costuming. With a highly expandable chorus, your stage could easily be filled with 101 budding performers.

For Middle Schools

Show Synopsis

Based on one of the most popular Disney movies of all time and the Broadway musical that played for over 2,500 performances and received multiple Olivier and Tony Awards nominations, Cameron Mackintosh and Disney's Mary Poppins is capturing hearts in a whole new way: as a practically perfect Broadway Junior musical!

The jack-of-all trades, Bert, introduces us to England in 1910 and the troubled Banks family. Young Jane and Michael have sent many a nanny packing before Mary Poppins arrives on their doorstep. Using a combination of magic and common sense, she must teach the family members how to value each other again. Mary Poppins takes the children on many magical and memorable adventures, but Jane and Michael aren't the only ones upon whom she has a profound effect. Even grown-ups can learn a lesson or two from the nanny who advises that "Anything can happen if you let it."

Cameron Mackintosh and Disney's Mary Poppins JR. is an enchanting mixture of irresistible story, unforgettable songs and breathtaking dance numbers. This show is a perfect opportunity to showcase a strong, iconic female performer, as well as unique special effects and illusions.

General Information


We will be streamlining the process this year, and all students who are enrolled into the program will be joining the cast. During the first rehearsals, each student will be given the opportunity to audition. Prior experience is not needed, and we will send out everything needed to show us how they can shine on stage! We will review everything in person on both audition days so no stress, be sure and let your kids know they should come ready to have fun and no need to feel intimidated. We just want to see everyone do their best so we can assign roles that best fit each child. 

Making the Cast

All enrolled students will make the cast. The final cast list will be posted during the second week of rehearsals. Casting decisions are determined by a variety of factors. We will do our best to honor the kids indications if they prefer a leading or supporting role. That being said, we know many students will all want the same part which is not possible for everyone. So we're hoping this will be a lesson in being a team player, supporting friends and participating in whatever role is given.


Rehearsals will take place after school for 2 hours, twice per week beginning the week of October 23rd, 2023. 


Each cast will participate in 2 performances on the BIG STAGE at the Castro Valley Center for Performing Arts, during the weekends of January 27-28 & February 2-3. Exact dates and times for each school have yet to be determined. Tickets will be available at $10/each.


What parts are available?

Take a peek at the MTI show page (Link coming soon!) for a complete list of characters. All roles are available. There will be some roles that are larger than others. All will require singing, dancing and acting. Some will require solos, but there are smaller parts that will only require group singing and dancing and minimal lines. Students will be able to indicate their preference between a large or small role if they would like.

Will kids have to audition alone?

During auditions, we will have all the kids together practice the song and dance a couple times. We will then divide them into groups and see them perform the dance in a small group. Afterward, each student will sing their song as a solo in front of only the Directors and the other kids in their small group. They will also perform their line reading/recitation individually in front of the directors and small group.​ Auditions only serve the purpose of making specific casting decisions. All enrolled students will join the cast.

Will all kids interested get to participate?

All students who enroll in the program will get to participate. However, we only have slots for 35 students at each school. We anticipate more students than that will be interested. If the program becomes full, we will have a waitlist that students can join. If and when space opens up, we can pull students from the waitlist and add them to the cast.

Is there any way for kids to participate who do not want to sing/dance/act?

We may have some ability to have kids participate as crew for the show. Reach out to us at if this is something that is of interest to your student.

What if my child doesn't want the role they're given?

Auditions will help us find the best fit for each role. We will also do our best to honor the kids indications if they prefer a leading or supporting role. That being said, we know many students will all want the same part which is not possible for everyone. So we're hoping this will be a lesson in being a team player, supporting friends and participating in whatever role is given. Any student who is unwilling to play a particular role should let us know immediately after casting and we'll sadly release them from the role and replace them.