Can you tell me about what happens at PlayCV?

We offer three different types of programs; The Full P.L.A.Y., Enrichment Classes, and Summer Camps. The Full P.L.A.Y. is essentially a school-year long program that runs every day that school is open. Enrichment Classes are an a-la-carte offering of classes that typically lasts one hour per day, one or two days per week, in 8-week 9-week or 10-week long sessions. Summer Camps are Monday - Friday day camps offered as half ( AM or PM) or full days.

Our after school programs begin in the multi-purpose room or cafeteria where the children are served a snack provided by the district. Then they're off to their respective programs.

Students enrolled in The Full P.L.A.Y. will get an opportunity to join two or more PlayCV Enrichment Classes during each 8-week to 10-week session. For a list of the various Enrichment Classes that are available each session, please see our course catalog.

Is there a sibling discount offered?

PlayCV offers a sibling discount in the amount of 10% for each sibling's tuition or class fees.

Where can I find what classes are available at my child's school?

All of our Enrichment Classes are listed on our website, here.