Are there financial assistance programs that we can apply for?

There are fee waivers available for students TK-6th grade, which are being managed by the Castro Valley Unified School District. The process to apply for a waiver always starts with the Free and Reduced Priced Meals application, which you can access here, https://www.schoolcafe.com/CastroUSD.

Here is some information on that process.

STEP 1: The first step in determining your eligibility is to complete the Free and Reduced-Price Meal Application that is available on School Cafe. Once on the School Cafe website, choose the option that says "Apply for Benefits (As a Guest)", then follow the prompts from there.  Once the application is submitted, you will receive a Determination Letter, via email, within 10 days.

STEP 2: Once you have received your determination letter, and that letter states that you are eligible for either free or reduced-priced meals, reach back out to us. If you are comfortable sharing that letter with us, email it to info@playcv.org.  If not, just email us your name, your child(ren)'s name and their school. We will then submit your name to the District to find out your eligibility status.  This process can take as long as a 7-days.

STEP 3: Once we have confirmed your eligibility, we will email you a code to use during enrolling your child(ren) into one of PlayCV's programs.  Once enrolled, the waiver process is complete. If the PlayCV program you choose shows as full, add your child(ren) to the waitlist. We will work to create space for all of those on the waitlist as fast as possible.

NOTE: If you have questions regarding the Free and Reduced-Price Meal Application that is available on School Cafe, you can reach out to the School Nutrition department at the Castro Valley Unified School District.  That contact name is Sarah Kimiecik, and their email is skimiecik@cv.k12.ca.us.  None of us at PlayCV have any information on the process for determining eligibility, and cannot answer any questions related to that.

Can you tell me about what happens at PlayCV?

We offer three different types of programs; The Full P.L.A.Y., Enrichment Classes, and Summer Camps. The Full P.L.A.Y. is essentially a school-year long program that runs every day that school is open. Enrichment Classes are an a-la-carte offering of classes that typically lasts one hour on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday in 8 to 10-week long sessions. Summer Camps are Monday - Friday day camps offered as half ( AM or PM) or full days.

Our after school programs begin in the multi-purpose room or cafeteria where the children are served a snack provided by the district. Then they're off to their respective programs.

Students enrolled in The Full P.L.A.Y. have classes and activities throughout the week. For a list of the various Enrichment Classes that are available each session, please see our course catalog. 

Can you tell me the cost for the Full P.L.A.Y. program?

Yes, the different packages are viewable on our Full Play page at our website, here. The cost of the program varies by grade level, and by which pick-up time is chosen.

Do you have the tuition cost for next fall?

Yes, the different packages are viewable on our The Full P.L.A.Y. page at our website, here.

Do you have to leave your child at school until 6 PM?

There are other pick-up times as options, but should you choose the 6 PM option, students can be picked up between 5:45 PM and 6 PM. Students can be picked up earlier under special circumstances with prior notification to the on site team.

How do I pay for The Full P.L.A.Y.?

Once a student is enrolled in The Full P.L.A.Y., they will remain enrolled for the entirety of the school year until withdrawn. The cost for the program is billed monthly, and is due at the beginning of each month or, in the case of the program being already in progress, at the time of enrollment. PlayCV offers payment plan options to best fit each account holder’s needs.

Is there a sibling discount offered?

PlayCV offers a sibling discount in the amount of 10% for each sibling's tuition or class fees.

What schedule options are available in The Full P.L.A.Y.?

The program runs each day that school is in session, beginning at the last bell and with the latest pick-up time being 6:00 PM.

More information on our schedule options is available on The Full P.L.A.Y. page here.

What's the difference between PlayCV and other extended daycare services such as Adventure Time, Kids Care, etc.?

PlayCV is not an extended daycare service. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing enrichment classes and activities to Castro Valley schools. At the heart of everything we do is the goal of bringing back a little fun, to introduce topics not normally available at our schools, and to provide more diverse social engagement opportunities. We are not replacing any existing program, such as Adventure Time, Kids Care, BeeBest, iBest, etc. We only provide additional options for you and your students.